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Welcome to the online submission service for IUCrData. If you have not used this service before, please first read the detailed online submission instructions

You will be required to supply:

  • your data article prepared as a CIF and a structure factor or Rietveld data file
  • your full contact details
  • details of the authors of your data article (surnames, forenames and e-mail addresses of all authors)
  • high-resolution graphics files for each figure and chemical scheme, and supporting files you wish to submit

IUCrData publishes Data Reports, which are extended abstracts reporting individual crystal structure determinations. If you have a longer article describing one or more structure determinations you may wish instead to submit to Acta Crystallographica Section E. For details of the costs of publishing in IUCrData, click here.

Select the relevant publication for your submission:

IUCrData [info]

"A new ultra-rapid data publication for the description of individual crystal structures."

Acta Crystallogaphica Section E: Research Communications [info]

"Articles reporting one or more structure determinations with appropriate discussion of the science."

Context-sensitive help is available by holding your mouse over underlined text in the submission forms or by clicking on the help icons [info]

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